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Guidelines For Beginners

Drone is a great way to express your thoughts in the form visual interpretation. When you start your experiments with Drone, it will be very challenging and not very easy. But you must let your creativity keep flowing and gradually everything will fall into place.

Some tips that can help any beginner to get started with Drone are the following:

  • Initially, it will not be a bad idea to imitate others so that you get to learn about techniques involved in such drawings. This should be done only with the purpose to gain idea regarding how much improvement is required in terms of your knowledge, skill and Drone strategies. But make sure not to claim such sketches to be your own creativity since you have copied it from someone’s creation. The whole idea is only for your learning.
  • Try not to start with computers although you will come across lot of computer programs which can help you to draw. In fact, you will be able to create your own 3D images that can add more life to your objects and characters. But if you really want to master the art of Drone like the legend artists Picasso and Van Gogh, then better not to start your journey as an illustrator by using computers. To begin with, better start with tools like paper, pencil or pen.
  • Use actual images and not existing photographs because it can be quite tempting to copy some elements from a photograph in a book, internet or magazine and create a different picture using these elements but that will not have any originality although it is an easy way to get things done. To become a good illustrator, you should have your original ideas and not copying. Depending on still photos will restrict you from learning to create 3D images. You can capture things around and try to draw them the way you want.
  • You need not finish your piece of art in one sitting. Unless you are sure that it can be completed at one time, do not forcefully try to finish it. Because there is no harm in taking breaks for creativity to keep flowing else you will end up creating very mediocre art piece. But in case of a deadline you have to stick to the time, otherwise better to take enough time that is required for creating a picture so that the quality of the output is not compromised. Do not forget that you are still in the learning process so try to gain more experience about Drone.
  • You might be creative enough to have learnt the art of Drone on your own and you are well aware of the techniques but for improving your craft, it is better to work under some expert’s guidance. Having a mentor will help you to learn tips and tricks related to Drone which you will not find in any book. It is the practical experience that speaks more than the bookish knowledge. In fact, there are a lot of courses available for Drone that can be helpful as well.
  • Try to avoid smudging while you try to draw sing pencil. It is advised to place an extra sheet underneath hand so that the pencil lines do not get smudged by your hand. Smudging can completely ruin a clean drawing which can be very frustrating for an artist.
  • If you are keen on creating something colorful, then you can try acrylic products which are great for clean and fresh finishing. Such colors are usually very highly pigmented and hence only a little quantity is required for your art. If you are working on a line work, even then such inks can be perfect for you. You just need to use ink dipping pens or a fine brush which can be easily found in any art and craft store on FPV Flightclub.
  • Try to explore the various ways for creating marks with pencil. Initially start with soft lines and gradually build up the layers. You can first create the main lines, and then slowly you can build up in density for completing the lines.
  • You can also experiment with watercolor techniques which are widely used for Drone work related to storyboarding, advertising and editorial work.